2020 Committees at Asheville Neurology

2020 Marks the Creation of 3 Committees at Asheville Neurology Specialists!


Diversity and Inclusion Committee:

The Diversity Committee is committed to helping to create a more inclusive environment for our patients and staff members at Asheville Neurology. The committee will focus on staying up do date on current research regarding diversity and inclusion within healthcare. The committee meets bi-weekly for brainstorming sessions related to the improvement of our current diversity related processes or creation of new ones.

Community and Staff Engagement Committee:

This committee will be responsible for supporting staff engagement and nurturing relationships with Community Organizations such as our referral sources or places that we send our patients for their care. As part of this committee, members will help to plan events for staff members such as the Christmas party, painting w/ a twist event and other staff celebrations. They will also help coordinate fundraising efforts for organizations like the National MS Society or local organizations, such as patient assistance for Boxing programs for patients with Parkinson’s disease.

Safety Committee:

This committee will focus on quality improvement as it relates to the health and safety of both our patients and staff members. We will work together on HIPAA and OSHA related initiatives and brainstorm about ways we can learn from incidents or “near misses” at ANS. This team will also work together on the creation of educational material and training for all ANS staff as well as lead auditing practices to ensure compliance.

Each committee is comprised of staff members who are passionate about the issues at hand and who have volunteered their time to work on quality improvement efforts. We look forward to bringing you updates about our goals and our progress as we meet those goals.