Susan Woodard, CCRCCurrent Clinical Trials

These studies are currently available at Asheville Neurology Specialists for patients who qualify for participation. If you are interested in learning more about these studies or clinical trials, please contact Susan Woodard, CCRC at or 828-210-9311.

Parkinson’s Disease:

Acadia ACP-103-048 – Nuplazid in patients with Parkinson’s disease and depression, who are taking at least one antidepressant that is not working adequately. 13  week study, no placebo. Currently enrolling. Must have reliable caregiver (family member, spouse, or friend) to participate.

Intec 11001 – Double blind study of Accordian Pill(AP) levodopa  vs. Sinemet for wearing off time. Must have predictable wearing off of Sinemet and ability to swallow large pills. Blinded study followed by an open label extension with the AP drug. 6 month double blind, 1 year open label study. Currently enrolling.

Pharma Two B – P2B001 vs. Pramipexole vs. Rasagiline for Early Parkinson’s disease. No previous exposure to PD meds that is longer than 4 weeks. 14 week study, no placebo. Currently Enrolling


Biogen OPUS 101EP201 – Tysabri vs. Placebo for complex partial epilepsy, avg. 3 or more seizures per month. 6 months of blinded drug followed by 6 months of open label Tysabri (and approved biologic for MS and Chron’s Disease, medication given via IV infusion monthly in the office). Currently enrolling.